Terms Of Hire

1. In these conditions the building refers to Churchfield House, Church Street, Great Harwood BB6 7RE and the Trustees refers to Board Members of Churchfield House Trust.
2. All applications for the hire of a room(s) at Churchfield House must be in writing on the official booking form and returned to the booking secretary.  The person who signs the form and organisation represented are considered jointly liable.
3. The hirer is responsible for ensuring the space booked is large enough to accommodate the party. If it is believed the hirer intends to allow persons in excess of the room capacity the Trust has the right in this instance to refuse entry to the hirer, or related guests and terminate the booking if necessary.  In this situation, no refund will be issued
4. The hirer is responsible for taking into consideration any additional time they may need for such things as setting-up, room preparation, table decorating time/s etc. and any such time is to be added to the room booking time.  Access to the room/s booked, outside those times booked cannot be guaranteed.
5. The right to enter the building and use the facilities within is non-transferable.
6. All fees must be paid in full at the time of hiring (payment by cheque only please, should be attached to the booking form and returned to the Booking`s Secretary).   Long term arrangements and method of payment are at the discretion of the Trust.
6a) The Hirer is responsible for paying the full amount for the time/s booked.  If a meeting/event finishes early and the room/s are not used for the full amount of time they have been booked, no refund can be made.
7.  Should the hirer wish to cancel the booking the Booking`s Secretary must be notified in writing.  A minimum of 21 Days` notice is required.
8.  The hirer will allow Trust Members to visit all parts of the building at any time.
9.  Persons entering the building shall not behave in a manner which endangers self or others.
10.  for health and safety reasons all children must be under full control and within the hired room/s only. Children are not allowed in the kitchen area.  Children must not leave the hired room to play in the hallway, toilets, buffet area, car park or other rooms in the building. PLEASE INFORM ALL YOUR GUESTS WITH CHILDREN ABOUT THESE IMPORTANT CONDITIONS
11.  The Trustees reserve the right to refuse access to any person or insist that any person immediately leaves the building.
12.  The hirer and all persons entering Churchfield House do so at their own risk.
13.  The Trustees cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property that occurs on the premises, unless attributed to the negligence of the Trustees or the owner of the building.
a)  The hirer must compensate at their own expense for loss or damage to the building and contents during the hire period.
b)  The hirer needs to pay a deposit (minimum £50) – refundable after the hire if the building and its contents are left in the same state it was found.  (Payment for Long term arrangements at the discretion of the Trust).
c)  The hirer must remove all their own equipment and property brought into the building, except by agreement with the Trustees in writing prior to the event.
14.  The Trustee`s and members of Churchfield House Trust, shall not be liable for any injury, actual or personal, damage to person or property, or death occurring within the building, unless attributed to the negligence of the Trustees or people acting on their behalf, or the owner of the building.
15.  The hirer shall indemnify (protect and compensate for harm, loss or damage) the Trustees of Churchfield House in respect of any claim against the Trust by the hirer, visitor or person, in reference to any liability occasioned by Clause 9.
a) The Trustees may require the hirer to obtain and provide evidence on request of adequate Public Liability Insurance considered necessary for this purpose.
b) Voluntary non- profit making groups hiring and using the building that have no Public Liability Insurance are safeguarded by Churchfield House Trust Insurance Policies (including indemnity).
16. The hirer shall carry out and produce evidence on request of assessment of risk before undertaking any planned activities.
17. Hirers must not bring any potentially dangerous or hazardous substances or equipment into the building.
a) Display stands, furniture and electrical equipment must not be brought into the building without the written consent of the Trustees.
b) A competent and qualified person must be responsible at all times for electrical equipment and temporary wiring.  This person must ensure the safe connection, use, disconnection and removal of equipment, in compliance with all statutory Health and Safety requirements.  All equipment and wiring must be PAT Tested.
c)  No smoking is permitted in the house or in the immediate vicinity of the house.
18.  The hirer must be familiar with location of equipment and fire exits, and must understand and comply with fire regulations and procedures which are clearly displayed throughout the building.  At the start of each event, the hirer is responsible for making all persons in their party aware of exit routes and fire safety requirements.
19. The Trust absolves itself from any responsibility that may arise from any contravention of the current ‘Food Safety Regulations’ and ‘Environmental Health Laws’ and  cannot accept responsibility for illness or bacterial infection suffered after using the kitchen area  should you decide to provide catering. Furthermore any foods brought onto the premises and not consumed before the departure time must be removed from the premises.  For health reasons, any food left will be disposed of.
a) The hirer is responsible for cleaning kitchen equipment and work surfaces before and after use.  Other arrangements at the discretion of the Trust.
b) The Trust may request evidence of current Food Hygiene Certificates in respect of persons preparing food in the kitchen.
c)  The hirer and persons who using kitchen facilities must follow health and safety guidelines and procedures.
20. At the conclusion of the hire the room(s) should be left clean and tidy and in the condition they were found.
a) Tables, chairs and other items of furniture should not be moved unless by agreement with the Trustees.
b)      Hirers must not make any form of structural change to the building and contents, including fixtures, fittings and decorations.  Decorations or bunting must not be affixed to the walls, ceiling or fixtures and fittings in the hired room without prior consultation with – and agreement by the Trustees.  Balloon’s tied to chairs and table decorations are permitted without prior discussion.  These should be removed when leaving the building.  The use of aerosols, fun foams or scattering of confetti type materials is forbidden.
c)Cleaning equipment including a vacuum cleaner will be available for use.

The Trustees reserve the right to vary conditions as necessary, at any time without notice. The hirer must observe the conditions of hire and ensure that persons using the building and facilities respect conditions. 

Please note: – details of the various Licensing Laws and Legislation relevant to the hire of Churchfield House are available on request.  The hirer is responsible for compliance with all legislative requirements and conditions.  The Trust accept no liability for any action resulting from non-compliance on the part of the hirer.